Parish Calendar

  • Sun 18 April, 10:00am
    Divine Liturgy

    5th of Lent – Sunday of St Mary of Egypt

  • Sun 25 April, 10:00am
    Divine Liturgy

    Palm Sunday

  • Wed 28 April, 6:30pm
    The Sacrament of Anointing with Oil

    Great and Holy Wednesday

  • Fri 30 April, 6:30pm
    Vespers with the Ceremony of the Winding Sheet (Epitaphion)

    Great and Holy Friday

  • Sat 1 May, 9:30pm
    Reading from Acts of The Apostles

    Sat 1 May, 11:00pm
    Vigil Service with Giving of the Light followed by Matins & Paschal Divine Liturgy

  • Sun 9 May, 10:00am
    Divine Liturgy

    2nd of Pascha – Thomas Sunday

  • Wed 12 May, 6:30pm
    Daily Vespers & Paraklesis to the Mother of God