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All of us, whether members of our community or not, have the opportunity in our homes to worship our Lord and Saviour, and to pray for each other and for the world. Here you will find a growing set of resources to help you to continue to practice our Orthodox faith in these challenging times.

All the service texts are suitable for use by the laity in the absence of a priest.

On Sundays …

We shall be livestreaming the Divine Liturgy or Typika at 10am (see our Facebook page) for the benefit of all who cannot be present in church.

If you are unable to join us for that we encourage you to pray the Typika Service at home – alone or with your family. The link will take you to to full text including the readings and other variable portions for the Sunday of this week. If you prefer to download and print the service you will also need the ‘Extras Sheet’ which provides the text which varies from week to week.

Every Day …

We encourage you to pray at the beginning and at the end of each day. Here you will find the Morning and Evening Prayers. Here, too, are the Bible Readings and Commemorations for each day.

On Saturdays …

You will find the full text of Saturday Vespers on the web page, or you can download and print the text together with the ‘Extras Sheet’ for that Saturday. Reader Maximos will live stream this service at 7pm on alternate Saturdays and we encourage you to join us.


We gratefully acknowledge our debt to the late Archimandrite Ephrem (Memory Eternal!) for the use of significant amounts of service material which he generously made available on his former website Anastasis, for use by English-speaking Orthodox Christians in Worship and private prayer. Please be advised that this material is not to be used for any other purpose and not to be reprinted for commercial or personal gain.