Welcome to St Constantine’s

Archbishop Silouan’s Christmas Letter “Do not be afraid” : read it here


During the present lock-down our bishop has directed that our churches should close for the protection and safety of all concerned. He encourages us to stream services from our own homes, and that is what we shall be doing.

On Sundays, either Fr Michael will be streaming the Liturgy with the help Reader Maximos, each from his own home, or Reader Maximos and his family will be streaming Typika.

On Wednesdays they will be streaming the Paraklesis to the Mother of God.

On alternate Saturdays Reader Maximos and his family will stream Vespers.

In his letter, Archbishop Silouan writes, “May the good Lord, through the prayers of the Theotokos and all the saints, deliver us from this time of trouble and strengthen the hands and hearts of those who heal the sick and comfort the bereaved.

Let us all pray for that, and for one another. Daily Prayers, and the supporting texts for our streamed services can be found on the Praying at Home page.


We warmly invite you to join us online at https://facebook.com/yorkorthodox, where all of our services will be livestreamed. A Facebook account is not required.

Please refer to the full calendar of services which can be found on this page.