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The York Christian Orthodox Community

Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch
Archdiocese of the British Isles and Ireland



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of Saints, Bible readings, and fasting rules for each day:
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On Sunday 22nd May
we had the joy and privilege of welcoming our bishop, Metropolitan Silouan, who made his first visit to York to celebrate with us the feast of St Constantine, an occasion of great blessing and encouragement to us all. There are photographs of the visit here.


The bishop's visit to us was followed by a three day Archdiocesan Conference in Derbyshire and several of us from York were there. Before the conference, Sayedna Silouan found time to visit Fr Peter who, before his retirement, was part of our community. There are photos here.

Archbishop of The British Isles and Ireland

Bishop SilouanIn his Enthronement address on 27th February 2016 at St George's Cathedral in London, Metropolitan Silouan said,

Be Holy as Christ is Holy in your daily life, witnessing to others Christ’s example of love, beauty and splendour. Pray unceasingly, observe the fasts, read the Holy Bible, follow Christ’s teachings and example, keep all the Holy Sacraments of the Church, building your relationship with Christ through the Holy Spirit...

Now, at last, I am with you all. I will be with you in your parishes and homes sharing with you the words of our Lord and the consolation of our perfect faith...

Christ showed us the way of obedience and humility through the Great and Life-Giving Cross. He permits each of us to carry a small cross to lead us to salvation while He carried the Great Cross for the salvation of all. I will help you bear your cross and you will help me to bear mine, until it is time for us to join Him eternally, entering salvation together. Our lives are now bound to each other for evermore,our purpose is salvation and our destiny is Christ and only Christ."

The full text of Metropolitan Silouan's address and more photos from the Enthronement can be found on the website of the Archdiocese.

Following his election and ordination last year Metropolitan Silouan sent a message of encouragement to the clergy and people of the diocese. You can read it here.


The Community of St. Constantine the Great normally meets at the Chapel of York St. John University. The liturgical language in use is English.

The congregation is effectively pan-Orthodox with British members as well as those whose 'home' churches are Russian, Greek, Romanian, Antiochian, etc. In the spirit of the inter-Orthodox talks at Chambesy all Orthodox Christians of any jurisdiction are welcome.

Visitors and enquirers are also welcome to join us at the Divine Liturgy. Please make yourselves known to us: we look forward to meeting you.

To find us, see the map showing how to find St John's and the map of the university campus on which the chapel is clearly marked.

The Community, under the direction of the archdiocese, has a policy for safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. There are more details here.

The monthly calendar (see the link above) lists the major saints commemorated on each day, including those for the British Isles, details of the appointed readings for the day and a note on the fasting rules.

Newsletter of the Archdiocese
This edition has an article by our own sub-deacon Ibrahim

PDF Document: Autumn 2014 Edition