Welcome to St Constantine’s


At last we are returning to the Chapel — Glory to God!

From Sunday 27th September we shall begin again to use the Chapel at York St. John University for Sunday Liturgies and some evening services, excluding Vespers on Saturday evening. We have been waiting patiently for this moment for what seems a long time. It will be a great joy to be able to see one another once again and share together the Holy Gifts and praise Almighty God.

If you would like to attend our services you will need to book your place using this form.

It is not usual to have to book in order to attend church but, as you will appreciate, these are exceptional times. The numbers in the chapel are restricted and we wish to avoid having to turn people away. Over the weeks we hope to see as many of you as possible.

We will continue to follow the rules and guidelines set out by our Bishop, York St. John University, and the UK Government. Please read the following guidelines before attending our services in person.

Our service calendar can be found on this page, and in general follows the pattern:

Saturday: Vespers at 7pm
Sunday: The Divine Liturgy at 10am
  preceded by the Third and Sixth Hours from approx. 9.30am
2nd Wednesday: Vespers & Paraklesis to the Mother of God at 6.30pm


Sunday 11th October: Please note that the Liturgy livestream may not begin until approximately 10.30am this Sunday because it is being preceded by the Chrismation of a new Church member.

It is not always possible to attend services in person, and so we warmly invite you to join us online at https://facebook.com/yorkorthodox, where all of our services will be livestreamed. A Facebook account is not required.